In this stunning but little-known speech from 2007, Gen. Wesley Clark claims America underwent a “policy coup” at the time of the 9/11 attacks. In this video, he reveals that, right after 9/11, he was privy to information contained in a classified memo: US plans to attack and remove governments in seven countries over five years: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Iran.

He was told: “We learned that we can use our military without being challenged …. We’ve got about five years to clean up the Soviet client regimes before another superpower comes along and challenges us.”

“This was a policy coup…these people took control of policy in the United States….”

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“What do you think?”

I think 9/11 was an inside job and an example of false flag terrorism.

james hamm

see before or after 911 have steel-reinforced buildings been brought down by fire! yet, on 911 three buildings in manhattan were brought down by fire that was one third the temp needed to melt steel! and a lot of the fall was at free fall. Newton’s Law and the laws of thermodynamics were on vacation that day. What’s the odds it was a planned demo?


Dear Editor,

Twenty-eight pages of the 9/11 commission report are deemed so critical of Saudi Arabia that you can’t see them per George W. Bush and President Barack Obama.

We knew right after the 9/11/2001 attack that 11 Saudi crew members were involved in the hijacking and crashing of four airliners full of innocent passengers and the loss of our Constitutional rights and the bankrupting of this nation.

But, those 28 pages confirm the government of Saudi Arabia funded this

very lucrative operation. Saudi Arabia is also the prime mover to take out

the current government of Syria over pipeline right-of-way issues via

the support of radical Islamic terrorists.

We know now that major media and our government lied about Syria gassing their own people. There is even video footage of high-ranking Turkish officials planning a false flag attack on their own country to blame it on Syria. Hitler was famous for those as an excuse to attack Poland during World War II.

So now, after supporting ISIS and Al Qaeda forces to overthrow Assad of Syria, we want to once again attack Syria to get rid of ISIS elements in Syria. Syria is fighting our alleged enemy! Hello!

Some of the anti-Assad savages fighting Assad are in the Osama bin Laden brigade, named after the guy Obama took great pride in allegedly killing.
In a 2007 speech, Gen. Wesley Clark claimed that, right after 9/11, he was privy to information contained in a classified memo: US plans to attack and remove governments in seven countries over five years: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Iran. Was he ever called to appear before congress to testify of oath?
Another words millions of people are suffering and being slaughtered because we destabilized the whole middle east region, risked nuclear war with the Russians to keep Saudi Arabia, the military industrial complex, the Federal Reserve and Goldman Sachs happy. Remember when Bush said, “You’re either with us or against us?” Well, GW apparently your against us, because your Saudi buddies have pulled off the perfect crime of the century.


At the most, Al Qaeda was a subcontractor, IMHO. The question is: Who was the cabal that came up with the idea to implement the operation and act as the general contractor?

We know the “what”, and can make inferences as to “why”, but the question of the Century is “WHO?”. Because this affects all of us, we are OWED an answer.


Have you read much about PNAC. Check out their statement of principles. Their publication titled “Rebuilding America’s Defenses” from Sept. of 2000. Check the amount of PNAC signatories in the Bush administration. Check out their wikipedia page. Check out Kevin Ryan’s work.


Why are these websites blocked by Internet Security as malicious sites?


Well, actually it was the first one that was blocked.


If you like documentaries this one tries to answer the question of who was behind the attacks of September 11th.

Fabled Enemies:



“Almost 10 years after the draft DPG (Defense Planning Guidance) requested by Bush Sr. had been rejected, his son, George W. Bush, entered the White House. Shortly thereafter came the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Following the attacks, he and VP Cheney led a campaign to invade Iraq.
Many commentators began noting striking similarities between ideas emanating from the Bush administration about its “war on terror” strategy and the ideas promoted by the Project for the New American Century(PNAC), a neoconservative pressure group created to push a “Reaganite” foreign policy in apost-Cold War world.

One of the first to report on this was Jim Lobe, who pointed out how the authors of the embarrassing 91′ draft DPG were now deeply ensconced within the son’s – George W Bush’s – administration. “When he saw the ’92 draft DPG ten years ago, Senator Joseph Biden denounced it as a prescription for ‘literally a Pax Americana.’ The authors are now (2002 -ed.) back in key positions and their vision appears to be reviving.”


Here’s the reason we went from the Cold War to a GWOT. A new justification for keeping defense spending at cold war levels despite the collapse of the USSR in the late 80’s leaving the ‘hawks’ without any way to argue their own relevance to taxpayers. Israel too was very worried they may lose US support now that their own geo-strategic relevance had also been left severely undermined.


Excellent post.

Vivek Jain

James Petras’ articles are indispensable (see , as are the Gould and Fitzgerald series over at


Stunning, isn’t it.

Bob newiski

General Clark has credibility unlike Bush, Cheney and crew


Yeah, he may be telling the truth. But why do these guys always come out of the woodwork years after the fact. It doesn’t mean a damn thing now unless he’s got proof which he doesn’t. If he’d said something at the time it might have meant something.

Betty Kaplan

Bravo, Wesley!!! I had wanted him for president. Why are we there?? He is clear. Start the dialogue and the questions.

manuel del cuevo

you know he is the host of a new war-themed celebrity “reality” show, right?

TJ Barke

Today’s empires are tomorrow’s ashes.


My concern is the same as others. Why is it that the real whistle blowers don’t come forward immediately when these things happen? I undermines the legitimacy immensely when they come forward years later. I’m still waiting for the REAL JFK story, but even Obama elected to keep those records sealed even though they should ALL be public record now. The real perpetrators will be dead by the time we learn the truth. That is why the classification laws are what they are and why we all know that our own government is behind every political event from well before JFK (pearl harbor anyone?) to today, but most especially 9/11. And the Bush family continues to play a major role. Sigh…so much scandal, so little time…

John Joerg

The only reason for secrecy is dishonesty, hiding crimes.


No, there are things that really need to be kept secret, mostly in the intelligence gathering field. I agree, though, the about 99% of what is classified is to hide criminal or incompetent activity. Note the whistleblowers Obama is savagely prosecuting/persecuting all exposed either illegal acts or corruption. The people who leaked real secrets are all high government officials who are immune from even being investigated.

H.P. Loathecraft

Preventing official embarrassment is a major reason.

Jean Blake Fleming

I also agree that these guys come out after the fact.

anonymous too

Personally, and maybe I am wrong and naive, but I believe most whistle blowers don’t tell right away or wait until after the fact because, to be blunt, just imagine what might happen if he DID tell while this was happening. Wouldn’t you worry about your family’s and your own safety? Stuff DOES happen to whistle blowers and especially so in government. One reads about it all the time. Freedom of Speech and rights only go so far when it comes to this kind of stuff.


Aah but he left out the group that benefits from all those oil and gas pipelines and reserves, as well as the rare minerals in Afghanistan. It is just like Haiti, the populations is left to their own devices while the gold discovered on their tiny island will be extracted leaving nothing for the populace but an environmental mess. Globally people have little importance anymore except to pay taxes and kept quiet.

Dave Fryett

What nonsense! He’s pretending to be telling tales out of school, but he’s really just doing his homework.

So what happened to those 7 invasions in 5 years?

Wolfowitz refers to Syria, Iran, and Iraq as “Soviet client states’? How odd as none of them were.

In ’91 Wolf’ says ‘now we now the Soviets won’t stop us’? Wall street, in the person of Larry Summers, was running Russia by this point. There was never any doubt that the Russians would not interfere or the first Gulf war wouldnt have occurred.

This is a soldier, an apparatckik of the bourgeois state, fulfilling his mission. He is a professional liar.


Probability tells me that what those 2 towers experienced in their
demolition are considered State Secrets’. That is why there is no
hint of a re-investigation for what happened on 9/11/2001.
How those disruptions occurred and are occurring in those targeted
countries would also be considered State Secrets’ covered under an Act of our congress which may be a target also.


If you believe Clark’s story, the real interesting questions are those having to do with how it is that nothing has changed despite a complete shift in political power from Republicans to Democrats. If elected politicians aren’t affecting policy, who Is?

Bryan Gillett

What? Which country did this complete shift in political power take place in? Because in the United States, we’ve had a multi-decade complete shift in political power from the Democrats to the Nut Job Right (oops, Republicans), and that’s who is affecting policy.


Maybe I’m mistaken, maybe Democrat Obama isn’t the President of the United States, and maybe there isn’t really a Democrat controlled Senate, and maybe the Democrats didn’t hold the house from the last half of the Bush presidency and the first two years of the Obama administration which provided Democrats with control of both legislative bodies and the executive.

Are you sure that didn’t happen here in the good old US of A?

H.P. Loathecraft

Yes, we’re quite sure.
Democrats had a tenuous supermajority on paper for a little more than a year, including one “independent”, McCain/Graham BFF Joe Lieberman, and an entire caucus of blue dog Democrats that are essentially right-of-center Republicans. If that’s “complete control” then Chick-A-Fil take-out is a nutritious and fat-free snack.


There are no blue dog dems any longer. They either changed parties or are gone. They are alll socialist libs now.

H.P. Loathecraft

It’s always amusing to listen to the bleating of the willfully ignorant and your reply was certainly no exception.

H.P. Loathecraft

There are numerous very conservative Democrats. There are perhaps a handful that are anything like socialists.


And maybe key bits of this history didn’t actually occur during Clinton’s term….


Interesting list of countries. Did Obama add Tunisia and Egypt, or were those regime changes a surprise? It should be noted that Tunisia and Egypt were nonviolent; obviously not American!

dee preston

Our government is undermining all of our civil liberties. It seems they have used this travesty to attack the People of the USA. We all know that there. Are only about 3 major companies who could have imploded those towers right? Think about what is happening now and what happend then…the patriot act is the perfect example. I thought the patriot act was supposed to eliminate money laundering but if u look at the banks and what they are doing it only makes sense that the American People are now under great threats. From our own government. Trapwire anyone!?


its great! But he can say anything now hindsight is 20-20! If he listens to russ baker/dave emory he could get this info from the past,postings everyone overlooks the obvious he is selling a book and if he had spoken up at the time he would be dead! Money makes the world go round! I.e. Try buying a coffee without a dollar!russ already said that most people dont have the bandwith to pay any mind!! They have to eat ! They dont give a sbit

Guyute Icculus

New boss….same as the old boss.


You guys keep asking who who like a flock of owls,the answer of course is Mr evil himself …Dr Cheney.


It might be enlightening to put Clark’s revelations into the context of the “Silk Road Strategy” that was being formulated in the same time period. Here is an excerpt from a post by Michel Chossudovsky:
“America’s Silk Road Strategy: The Trans-Eurasian Security System
The Silk Road Strategy (SRS) constitutes an essential building block of US foreign policy in the post-Cold War era. The SRS was formulated as a bill presented to the US Congress in1999. It called for the creation of an energy and transport corridor network linking Western Europe to Central Asia and eventually to the Far East.
The Silk Road Strategy is defined as a “trans-Eurasian security system”. The SRS calls for the “militarization of the Eurasian corridor” as an integral part of the “Great Game”. The stated objective, as formulated under the proposed March 1999
Silk Road Strategy Act, is to develop America’s business empire
along an extensive geographical corridor.
While the 1999 SRS legislation (HR 3196) was adopted by the House of Representatives, it never became law. Despite this legislative setback, the Silk Road Strategy became, under the Bush Administration, the de facto basis of US-NATO interventionism, largely with a view to integrating the former Soviet republics of the South Caucasus and Central Asia into the US sphere of influence.
The successful implementation of the SRS required the concurrent “militarization” of the entire Eurasian corridor from the Eastern Mediterranean to China’s Western frontier bordering onto Afghanistan, as a means to securing control over extensive oil and gas reserves, as well as “protecting” pipeline routes and trading corridors. The invasion of Afghanistan in October 2001 has served to support American strategic objectives in Central Asia including the control of pipeline corridors. Afghanistan border onto Chinese Western frontier. It is also a strategic land bridge linking the extensive oil wealth of the Caspian Sea basin to the Arabian Sea.
The militarization process under the SRS is largely directed against China, Russia and Iran. The SRS, called for: “The development of strong political, economic, and security ties among countries of the South Caucasus and Central Asia and the West [which] will foster stability in this region, which is vulnerable to political and economic pressures from the south, north, and east. [meaning Russia to the North, Iraq, Iran and the Middle East to the South and China to the East] (106th Congress, Silk Road Strategy Act of 1999)
The adoption of a neoliberal policy agenda under advice from the IMF and the World Bank is an integral part of the SRS, which seeks to foster “open market economies… [which] will provide positive incentives for international private investment, increased trade, and other forms of commercial interactions”. (Ibid).
Strategic access to South Caucasus and Central Asian oil and gas is a central feature of the Silk Road Strategy: “The region of the South Caucasus and Central Asia could produce oil and gas in sufficient quantities to reduce the dependence of the United States on energy from the volatile Persian Gulf region.” (Ibid)
The SRS is also intent upon preventing the former Soviet republics from developing their own economic, political and military cooperation ties as well as establishing broad ties up with China, Russia and Iran. (See Michel Chossudovsky, America’s “War on Terrorism”, Global Research, Montreal, 2005).
In this regard, the formation of GUAM, which was launched in 1997, was intended to integrate the former Soviet republics into military cooperation arrangements with the US and NATO, which would prevent them from reestablishing their ties with the Russian Federation.” (end of excerpt)

In the light of this information, the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as the “civil war” in Syria stirred up by NATO organized mercenaries, and the ongoing threats of an invasion of Iran all take on a new meaning. It seems evident that the intention is to take control of a large swath of territory running from the Mediterranean to the Caspian Sea region as a means to secure a safe corridor under the control of the NATO powers to direct the oil and gas wealth of the middle east and central Asia to the West, as well as to Asian markets via conduits under western control.
If you look at a map, you can easily see that Iran is an essential piece that must be captured… and this of course explains the persistent buildup in saber rattling threats from the west against Iran. A westward pipeline route that would pass to the south of the Caucasus region must go through Iran. (Another reason Iran is seen as essential, of course, is the fact that Iran itself sits on one of the largest reserves of light sweet crude oil in the world).
The bogus hullabaloo a regarding the non-existent Iranian nuclear weapons program is no more the real reason for the looming invasion there than the bogus “Weapons of Mass Destruction” were the real reason for the invasion of Iraq.


Thanks a lot for this post. I’m familiar with the background but I’ve not heard of the SRS and nor have I read Chossudovsky on this.
If only people knew the games that go on, the media control we are subjected to!


great work once again! Here in Australia we just blinding go along with US foreign policy. All our national debates are on helping the women in Afghanistan, helping the poor victims of Saddam….please save from the crappy government and commercial media!   

Greg Burton

Another flaming, molten, reeking, stinking brick in the now massive wall of incontrovertible direct and circumstantial evidence; substantiated by means, motive, and opportunity (cui bono) that shrieks, cries out, admonishes 9/11 was an inside job.

Doctor in Dental Science

Thank you, General Clark!
But why did it take you so long to reveal that fact?
And why aren’t you broadcasting it far and wide?
Why are you content to leave it on that piece of videotape in the archives of the Commonwealth Club?
What does that say about you? Are you that ambivalent about revealing the truth?
Our predicament here in the States is a very sorry one.


He probably does not say some things about 9-ll because he does not want to be JFKd.


This so-called “policy coup” was just the initiation of plan that was already been in-the-works for some time. 9-11 was the pretext used to secure regimes that are favorable to the US (particularly the oil and banking interests) in countries with ‘strategically vital resources’ or somehow connected to maintaining access to these resources. And to change domestic policy that would to restrain internal dissent and be even more favorable to the major corporations and their ruling-class owners. And to do both by whatever overt or convert means possible. Clark’s said that he was told (he doesn’t say who told him) that “We’ve got about five years to clean up the Soviet client regimes before another superpower comes along and challenges us.” If ‘they’ believed this to be the case would they just wait around hoping for some ‘trigger event’ to happen? Of course not. So once again the more important story is what really happened on 9-11-01 -probably the CIA’s most elaborate convert operation to date.

It’s amazing to me how many people still do not get what’s going on. The whole Republican vs Democrat, Left vs Right thing is itself a Machiavellian ruse (to pit the 80% ‘economic majority’ against each other). I don’t know if Obama is just playing the game or if he is the fully embedded. Do people really think that out of the 250 million adults over age of 18 in the US, our Presidents have all been the brightest, most ethical, most qualified person for the job? Anyone can not grow up to be President.


People who worship money are relentless in bending governments to their will. It’s nothing new, and the problem will never go away. On the plus side, when catastrophic events finally overtake mankind, they’ll die just like everyone else. Lenin said that a capitalist will sell you the rope you hang him with. How true. No doubt, on 9-11 someone in the Twin Towers had just made a killing on the market when the airplane struck and killed him. That scenario will play out on a grand scale on a global stage eventually.


“Lenin said that a capitalist will sell you the rope you hang him with”

This was also true on the other side:

“since the beginning of my political activity, I have made it a rule not to curry favour with the bourgeoisie. The political attitude of that class is marked by the sign of cowardice.”…. “the first years of my struggle were therefore concentrated on the object: win over the worker to the National Socialist Party.”
“Hitler’s Table Talk” Conversation Nº185 8th April 1942

Our Hidden History

Of course we all know where the German worker ended up. Fertilizing the fields of Western Russia. Where we will end up is less clear, though it may be equally unhappy at the rate we are going.