Election 2024 Countdown:


New Bush Book Fun With Numbers: 41-43=45, by Bryson Hull
Is George W. Bush’s new “biography” of his father just a strange attempt to rehabilitate the family surname and pave the way for a third President Bush?


Who just stunned corporate media giants Comcast and Verizon? President Obama did by calling on the FCC to aggressively regulate internet service providers.

The President’s strong endorsement of Net Neutrality sent cable company stocks downward and sent Senator Ted Cruz to Twitter to denounce Net Neutrality as “Obamacare for the Internet”.

Who is still languishing in Guantanamo after 12 years, despite being cleared for release by both the Bush and Obama Administrations? Shaker Aamer is … and he compares the stated principles of the U.S.-signed Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) with America’s actual actions since Gitmo was first opened.

Who might have been overrated as an existential threat to “U.S. interests” and the world? The Islamic State and its leader—Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. The fate of al-Baghdadi is still unclear after a U.S. airstrike hit a meeting of Islamic State commanders in Mosul.

Who is U.S. Attorney General-nominee Loretta Lynch?


What didn’t bring down the Berlin Wall? According to a story in Foreign Policy, it wasn’t the “Free Market” that finally toppled the Cold War’s main symbol.

What is the chance of an economic recession in 2015?

What doesn’t the Pentagon want? Oversight on cost overruns for major weapons systems.


Why does Sen. Mark Udall have a “Lame-Duck Opportunity” to expose CIA torture?

Why is Egypt worried about turmoil in Libya?

Why are ocean dead zones getting worse?

And why do police compile a ‘wish list’ before seizing private property?

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