Explosive Radioactive Waste. Anthrax Hijinks & CIA Assassinations: June 4, 2015


WhoWhatWhy Exclusive: Our Homeless, Explosive Radioactive Waste
A formidable glitch occurred just as the United States prepares to embark on a multi-billion-dollar program to restart production of nuclear weapons. An explosion at an underground waste dump in New Mexico—complete with some sky-high kitty litter—is highlighting the dangers inherent not only in the weapons of mass destruction themselves but in the deadly wastes their development has left over the past 75 years. Here’s WhoWhatWhy’s exclusive report.


Gen. Allen: ISIS War to Last ‘A Generation or More’
President Obama’s special envoy to the coalition fighting ISIS recently said that America is in yet another multi-generational war. Retired Marine General Allen told the US–Islamic World Forum in Doha, Qatar that the fight against ISIS is a struggle to protect all of humanity… and it’s going to last a long, long time. Apparently, he didn’t mention the price tag, which has reached $4.4 trillion for America’s other multi-generational affair—the Global War on Terror.

Pentagon Unsure How Live Anthrax Went to 51 US Labs and Three Countries
The Pentagon is absolutely certain there is no public health threat from the live anthrax they inadvertently shipped all around the America and the world over the last ten years. They have no idea how it happened, but they don’t want you to worry yourself. They’ll figure it out… just like the FBI figured out the anthrax attacks after 9/11, despite the misgivings of one of the lead investigators.

Saudis Believe They Are Winning The Oil Price War
The Saudis are playing a long game on oil, leveraging their $750 billion in foreign currency reserves against a long-term drop in oil revenues as they force the price of oil down and many of their competitors out. Their key objective is to stoke demand by creating a lower price point that can compete with growth in natural gas and alternative energy sources. And it is working… OPEC is recapturing lost market share.

Toting Panels on Donkeys, Maasai Women Lead a Solar Revolution
In 2014, the Women and Entrepreneurship in Renewable Energy Project started training women as solar installers and helping them market solar power to Kenyans living a pastoral lifestyle in villages and farming communities. Since then, some 2,000 homes have adopted the technology and the women have become solar entrepreneurs, turning a small profit off each installation.


A CIA Guide to Assassination
The American Conservative reviews The Perfect Kill: 21 Laws for Assassins, a new book by former CIA operative Robert Baer. Although the book was fully vetted by the CIA and suffers from redaction and omission, Baer was able to “squeeze out” key tactical and strategic lessons drawn from the shadowy world of political assassination and counterterrorism. This isn’t Baer’s first foray into the small breach between covert ops and the public’s right to know. His book See No Evil was the inspiration for the movie Syriana, a shockingly honest look at the CIA’s role in the Middle East. Sadly, Syriana is as relevant now as it was in 2005.


Genetically Modified Mosquito Sparks a Controversy in Florida
Officials in Florida are turning to a brave new world solution to what is likely to become a bigger and bigger problem for a rapidly-warming planet—the spread of tropical diseases from the “hot zones” to the “heating-up zones.” In this case, officials want to stop the spread of dengue fever by disease-carrying mosquitoes. The introduction of genetically-modified mosquitoes interrupts the insects’ lifecycle and stops the spread of disease. But it is also making Floridians very uncomfortable.


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