America’s Shameful Secrets, Snowden In Danger & Mass Extinction: June 22, 2015


Edward Snowden: Vindicated by the USA Freedom Act? Or Marked For Death?
By Andy Roesgen
A past presidential administration official weighs in on the complicated view of the NSA whistleblower… or traitor.

RadioRuss in Denver: America’s Shameful Secrets
By Russ Baker
WhoWhatWhy Founder and Editor-in-Chief Russ Baker talks about US and world history, GroupThink, propaganda, disinformation, war, profits, bank failures and other crimes, scandals that destroy those who defy the system, and the role of the Bush clan in it all—with popular Denver radio host Peter Boyles. Some context as a third Bush contests the White House.


Obama Uses N-word While Arguing US is Not ‘Cured’ of Racism
The President went on Marc Maron’s WTF podcast on Friday and spoke candidly about race in the America. Now, the media is struggling to figure out how deal with his use of the “N-word”… but even his harshest critics see the logic of using it to make a point.

Pope Francis: Weapons Manufacturers Can’t Call Themselves Christian
The perpetually profound Pontiff has followed-up his ground-breaking encyclical on the destruction of the environment with a broadside against the Military-Industrial Complex. Pope Francis excoriated profiteers who get rich off war while also proclaiming themselves to be “Christian.” The two just don’t mix, according to the increasingly vocal leader. He also weighed-in on the long-standing controversy over the failure of the Allies to bomb rail-lines leading into Auschwitz.

Scott Ritter: ‘We Ain’t Found Shit’
Scott Ritter is a former US Marine and Chief Inspector for the UN in Iraq during the search for WMDs in the 1990s. He also spoke loudly against the Iraq War until finally becoming embroiled in sex scandal. Now he’s published a long piece in The London Review of Books detailing his experience as a weapons inspector in Iraq and why it should serve as a cautionary tale for both Iran and the world.


Earth Is On The Brink Of A Sixth Mass Extinction, Scientists Say, And It’s Humans’ Fault
A new study in Science portends a bleak future for the planet and, in particular, for the variety of other beings stuck on his mortal coil with human beings. It’s not that mass extinctions are unheard of in history of the Earth. It’s that this one is being driven by the rapidly accelerating influence of people. The planet is losing mammal species at 20 to 100 times previous rates. These are just a few of the bystanders being caught in the crossfire of human consumption.



Apple Agrees To Pay Musicians During Free Trial After Taylor Swift Speaks Out
In the battle for the soul—and for the dollars—of what little is left of the music industry, Taylor Swift just took a big bite out of Apple. Swift wrote an open “love letter” to Apple criticizing a “free trial” period for a new music streaming service that would’ve left musicians unpaid for their music. She said she was going to pull her music. Apple blinked. This might signal the beginning of a power shift for the long-suffering music business which was, not coincidentally, badly hurt by the convergence of downloading and the launch of Apple’s iPod in 2001.


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