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Google Wants to Eliminate Other Websites (Russ)

Under its apocalyptic notion, everyone would just post content directly to Google — goodbye publishers!


With Five-Year Delay, CIA ‘Live-Tweets’ Bin Laden Raid (Trevin)

The agency used the hashtag #UBLRaid to live-tweet the raid yesterday as if it were happening in real time. The tweets included the photo of President Obama, then-Secretary of State Clinton, and other officials allegedly watching the action unfold. On May 12, 2011 we first published our doubts about the official story.

Man Jailed For Seven Months For Not Turning Over Password (Jeff C.)

The Fifth Amendment should prevent the government from punishing a person for not testifying against themselves, which is what’s being argued by the defendant’s indirect representation in its appeal to the Third Circuit.

Obama Pushes for “Smart Guns” (Russ)

When ready for use, initiative could dramatically reduce criminal and accidental gun violence.  


Egyptian Cleric Defends CIA Agent Convicted Over His Rendition (Cactus Pat)

CIA rendition and torture victim defends operative being extradited to Italy. Says higher US officials should be put on trial.


Baghdad State of Emergency Declared After Protesters Storm Parliament (Cactus Pat)

Police and security forces stand down as protesters breach the Green Zone walls and occupy the parliament.


Why a Clinton-Warren Ticket Probably Won’t Happen (Dan)

Call it a conflict of interest.


Which Places in America Most Resemble “Normal America?” (Gerry)

You may be surprised to see what places define ‘normal America’ when applied statistical analysis answers the questions. Hint: They’re not in New Hampshire nor Iowa, two states that have an inordinate influence on our presidential elections, thanks to rules tailored to a 1950-centric view of the country.