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RED FLAG-Alaska is a combat training event held at Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska. Crews from all four branches of the US military, as well as the armed services of multiple countries have participated. The current session ran from April 28 to May 13. Analysis indicates most combat losses occur during an air crew's first eight to 10 missions. Therefore, the goal of RED FLAG-Alaska is to provide each aircrew with these first vital missions, increasing their chances of survival in combat environments. RED FLAG-Alaska provides participants 67,000 square miles of airspace, more than 30 threat simulators, one conventional bombing range and two tactical bombing ranges containing more than 400 different types of targets. About this photo: A pair of F-16 Fighting Falcon Aggressors fly over the Alaska Range Photo Credit: U.S. Air Force / Wikimedia

May 13

Oxfam’s Damning Report on US Poultry Workers, Never (Again) Trump Prepares for 2020, How Dung Beetles and the Stars Align

Oxfam’s Damning Report on US Poultry Workers, Never (Again) Trump Prepares for 2020, How Dung Beetles and the Stars Align

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Panama Papers Database of Offshore Companies Goes Public (Jeff C.)

On Monday the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists made data available on 200,000 entities mentioned in the Panama Papers.

Sheldon Adelson Endorses Trump (Dan)

The megadonor and casino magnate wrote in a Washington Post op-ed: “The thought of anyone but Trump becoming the 45th President is frightening.”

Oxfam Reports on Truly Appalling Conditions for US Poultry Workers (Klaus)

Oxfam America has released a disturbing report on the conditions in which US poultry workers are forced to earn their meager paychecks. Many of them are routinely denied bathroom breaks, which is forcing some of them to wear diaper at work.

American Serves Free Gourmet French Toast (and Hugs) to Refugees in… France (Trevin)

He is known in the film community as “Toast,” and has presented his unique form of altruistic street art all over the world, including feeding hundreds of orphans in Detroit and Namibia, and homeless in downtown Los Angeles . This weekend marks his twentieth event, where refugees in Paris will be treated to as much unconditional love as they wish to take in. If you, or someone you know, will be in Paris this Sunday, here is an open invitation to participate.

Never (Again) Trump Set Sights on 2020 (Dan)

Cruz and his allies are prepared to push for more closed state primaries. Incentives include a greater number of delegates.

How and Why Dung Beetles Record Astronomical Patterns (Milicent)

The discovery that dung beetles use the light of the Milky Way to navigate was already amazing. But researchers at Sweden’s Lund University can top that. They have discovered how dung beetles record that information: When they seem to be dancing on top of the ball of dung, what they’re really doing is imprinting – in their brains — what they see in the heavens. (We wonder if this is a form of muscle memory.)


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