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US Troops Enter Ground Combat to Defend Iraqi Oil Fields (Dan)

Teaming with the Kurdish Peshmerga, the US ‘defense’ of Iraqi oil fields is moving away from Obama’s promise of ‘no boots on the ground.’

Obama Admits and Apologizes for US ‘’Dirty War’ in Argentina, But What are His Real Plans with the Country? (Dan)

While Obama looks to declassify military and intelligence reports that detail the US ‘dirty war’, protesters look at the other reason for Obama’s visit. Namely: setting Argentina on the neoliberal trap. As one observer pointed out: ‘ It is paradoxical that Obama spoke to us in the Usina del arte concert hall about health programs implemented in the U.S. when we could stop benefiting from our own health programs because of this neoliberal influence.”

Fearful of Anti-Fracking and Pro-Marijuana Ballot Initiatives, Michigan Republicans Look to Change Election Laws (Dan)

How, even after achieving the 252,523 signatures necessary to put an initiative on the ballot for a vote, new legislation could considered the support ‘void’.

Why Venezuela’s Economic Woes Might Not Be the Fault of the Chavista Movement and Socialism (Dan)

Despite Western media’s large-scale and long-term approach of discrediting Hugo Chavez’s socialist movement, there might be another reason for the country’s recession other than what is being currently blasted across mainstream outlets.

Standing Up to Unstoppable Companies, and Winning (Dan)

The story of normal folks from Montana coming together to stop one of largest coal projects in the American West. A thirty-year struggle that ends with a powerful display of activism.