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Website Collects SCOTUS Pick Merrick Garland Rulings (Russ)

A curation and condensation of selected rulings by President Obama’s choice to take Antonin Scalia’s spot on the high court.


Aggressive New Climate Change Group Emerges (Klaus)

An aggressive new environmental group has vowed to make climate change a key topic in this election and it will also hold the feet of Democrats to the fire on the issue.


Trump Says Heritage Foundation Compiling His SCOTUS Choices (Russ)

Wow…Trump, seeking conservative support, says the rightist pillar think tank Heritage Foundation is putting together a list of suitable Supreme Court nominees for him.


Water Scarcity Leads to Increasing Problem  (Ben)

By 2050, population growth will be at 9.3 billion – 33 percent more than 2011. As economies continue to develop, water resources are drying up. The world needs to find a solution.

Leading Climate Scientists: ‘We Have A Global Emergency’ (Trevin)

New peer-reviewed study deems 2°C warming not safe for humanity and that it should be “avoided at all costs.”


America’s Post-Democratic Military (Trevin)

Although most of us love and support our all-volunteer military, it is increasingly unaccountable to us, the President, or Congress.


Workers Win Against Tyson in SCOTUS Decision (Dan)

Workers who slaughtered pigs, trimmed meat, and processed the product for transport were awarded overtime pay for the extra time it takes to put on and remove their safety equipment. The question now is how the $6 million is to be separated out to employees who did not take as long to put on equipment, and those who took much longer.