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Judges Possibly OK with Senate’s ‘CIA Torture’ Report Staying Secret (Reader Pat)

If the reporter’s interpretation of the proceedings is accurate, it’s unlikely the Senate torture report will ever see the light of day.


Right Wing Upset with Liberal Media Over Easy Treatment of Trump (Russ)

The alliances and critiques are becoming harder and harder to sort out as the game rages out of traditional bounds.


AIPAC Bans Certain Journalists (Klaus)

Several news outlets and activists appear to have been banned from the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) Policy Conference that is held in Washington this week.


‘Administrative Punishment’ Given to Military Personnel Involved in Doctor Without Borders Hospital Bombing (Dan)

“Administrative punishment typically includes a letter of reprimand, which can significantly hurt promotion.” Was it foolish to expect anything more?


How Is It Going for the Mess in Flint? (Klaus)

Governments on all levels contributed to the drinking water catastrophe in Flint. With lawsuits piling up, who will pick up the tab for the damages that will eventually be awarded? (free registration required)


US Quiet as Ally Bahrain Imprisons Human Rights Activist (Trevin)

Zainab al-Khawaja was arrested last week with her infant son for tearing up a photo of the king. The State Dept. has no comment.


Map Shows How to Avoid Donald Trump in Your City (Milicent)

The Mapquest people have thoughtfully put together an interactive map that shows where and when The Donald will be, and where you might go to avoid him.  (An epidemiologist from the CDC claimed they had nothing to do with this.)