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The FBI Filed Its Response to Apple’s Resistance to Backdooring the iPhone (Trevin)

The US Attorney claimed that the case is a “direct result of Apple’s deliberate marketing decision to engineer its products so that the government cannot search them, even with a warrant.” Further arguments stated that Apple is not protected by the First and Fifth Amendments from having to assist the FBI in bypassing the iPhone’s security, and that the request is “not unreasonably burdensome.”



Let’s Talk About the Federal Drones Flying Over US Soil (Trevin)

Americans are likely against domestic drone surveillance, but by keeping the programs secret, the government avoids public discussion, debate and oversight.


Trump Now Basically a Boiler Plate Republican (Dan)

The GOP frontrunner is starting to sound exactly like…well, a GOP frontrunner. He has ‘caved’ on health care, recently committed to sending ground troops to Iraq and Syria (despite previously railing against intervention) and is now prepped to take money from billionaires. ‘Citizen Trump’ is becoming a typical Washington politician.

Issues Map of What Republicans and Democrats Discuss During Debates (Dan)

It is just as interesting to see where the two diverge as where they meet.


Stephen Hawking Discusses Impact of Teacher on His Learning (Dan)

An uplifting story about one teacher who, due to teaching a particular student, changed how we all think about the universe.