Editors’ Picks for Nov 16

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Collapsing Greenland Glacier Could Massively Raise Sea Levels (Russ)

Climate Deniers, have fun disputing this one!


Ben Carson’s Celebrated Neurosurgery on Conjoined Twins Did Not End Well (Russ)

A reporter finds that one of the twins is dead, the other in a near-vegetative state, and the family in tatters.


9/11 According to Former CIA Directors (Gerry)

Although their statements, recorded for an upcoming TV documentary, are obviously self-serving, they open a window onto decisions and opinions the public is rarely privy to. Most newsworthy: the claim that George W. Bush and his advisors repeatedly ignored “absolutely compelling … multiple-sourced” information that Osama bin Laden was planning to strike the US with attacks that would cause many, many deaths.


Denver Parents Defeat Koch Brothers (Russ)

Ousted polarizing, extreme school board.


Environment Wins: Ag-Gag Law Overturned in Idaho (Gerry)

In a victory for environmental activists — and whistleblowers of all stripes — a federal judge in Idaho formally declared unconstitutional a state law, known as Ag-Gag, which banned undercover investigations of agricultural facilities by journalists and others seeking to document cruel treatment of animals, dangerous use of pesticides and such.


No One Knows Why ISIS Succeeds (Gerry)

An anonymous insider considers all the evidence and arguments, and concludes that none of them come close to explaining the diabolical success of this murderous terror group.


What Makes Bill Maher Singular (Russ)

He says controversial, even inflammatory things, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t worth listening to.