Editors’ Picks for Nov 12

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Los Angeles Police Urged to Review Use of Force After ‘Alarming’ Rise in Shootings (Trevin)

Shooting numbers so far this year nearly doubled what they were during the same period in 2014.


Simulation Startup Wants to Make The Matrix Possible (Trevin)

The London startup, Improbable, has created an operating system that allows for the creation of “detailed, dynamic worlds on an enormous scale, in real time, by harnessing the power of hundreds or even thousands of cloud computing servers.”


‘Not Safe to Consume’: Insiders Blow Whistle on Pork Inspection Regime (Trevin)

USDA whistleblower vows not to eat products produced by “controversial high-speed slaughter program.”


Effort to Curb Hazardous Hair Products for Black Women (Russ)

Especially dangerous for salon workers.


Why Marco Rubio Is Wrong About Welders Making More Money than Philosophers (Ben)

The problem with that statement is that, in fact, the opposite is true.


UN Alarmed by Swedish Development Aid Cuts (Kristina)

“The United Nations voiced alarm on Wednesday over moves by European countries, including Sweden, to cut development aid in a bid to free up funds to support the large influx of refugees.”


Watching Those Cat Videos Is Actually Good For You (Russ)

Turns out they provide major benefits in terms of your energy and mood. So when your boss asks what you’re doing, just say you are “boosting productivity.”