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Editors’ Picks for Feb 22

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Pics of Young Bernie Sanders Being Arrested Confirms Civil Rights Cred Claims (Russ)

The photos were taken on Chicago’s South Side during a 1963 protest. Undoubtedly publication of the pics are helpful to Sanders in his battle with Clinton.

Fascinating Analysis of the Presidential Race By Conservative (Russ)

Seems despairing that Cruz et al can save the party–and that Trump can and will blow it all up.

Increase in the Number of Hate Groups (Klaus)

The Southern Poverty Law Center says the number of hate groups and “patriot” militias is on the rise and that things will likely get worse before they get better.


Why Are We Giving South Carolina Republicans So Much Power? (Klaus)

As one of the first primary states, Republican voters in South Carolina have a lot of influence over who will be the next president. And that should frighten the rest of the country because South Carolinians hold some pretty extreme views. Sixty percent think Muslims should not be allowed to enter the US and 20% think homosexuals should also be kept out. Among South Carolina Republicans, it’s also pretty much a toss-up whether people think it is good that the South lost the Civil War.



Even Bank Bailout Architect Says Time To Break Up Banks (Trevin)

As Hillary mocks Sanders’ vow to break up the “Too Big To Fail” banks, the president of the Minneapolis Federal Reserve, Neel Kashkari, is calling for just that.



Ex-NYT Reporter Stephen Kinzer Takes on Media Over Syria Distortions (Russ)

He condemns the coverage and writes “much of the American press is reporting the opposite of what is actually happening.”  (For WWW reporting on Syria go here.)


What’s In Your Food? Nobody Really Knows (Trevin)

Legal loopholes allow companies to deem additives “generally recognized as safe” with no FDA awareness or approval.




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