Editors’ Picks for Feb 11

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How Clinton’s Team Manufacturers the Media Coverage She Wants (Jimmy)

A FOIA request reveals how journalists trade favorable coverage for privileged information from one of Hillary Clinton’s top aides. Gawker tells the story of how mainstream reporters engage in “transactional journalism.”


Premier Coffee Growers Sue Monsanto Over Roundup (Russ)

Claim the herbicide causes cancer and that GMO crops debase their world-renowned Kona coffee bean.

Whacked-Out Rocker Ted Nugent Blames “The Jews” for Gun Control (Russ)

His Facebook page is just drooling with Cat Scratch Fever. But what about the founder of Facebook, Ted? Missed someone!


A Police Department That Knows How to Win Hearts and Minds (Russ)

Check out what they post on the Bangor, Maine, police department’s Facebook page. The items have a certain unusual charm, and old-fashioned folksiness. Remind us of what policing is supposed to be about.


Hillary’s Superdelegate Coup Just Confirms to Millennials: The System Is Rigged (Trevin)

One Superdelegate vote for Clinton equals 10,105 Sanders votes from 99-percenters.


Obama’s DOJ Quietly Sought Dismissal of Missing Emails Lawsuit (Trevin)

The day after he was sworn in, and the same week he signed executive orders “ushering in a new era of government transparency,” Barack Obama’s Justice Department snuck into federal court to dismiss a lawsuit requiring the Bush administration to recover up to 15 million lost White House emails.