Editors’ Picks for Dec 23

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Paris Attacks Could Mean Big Profits For Weapons Companies (Trevin)

Tourism is down in Paris, but Military-Industrial Complex stock is up, up, up since the attacks.


Creationist Picked to Arizona Head Education Panel (Klaus)

Arizona students may soon have to study a lot less history. The state’s Senate picked a “Young Earth” creationist, who believes our planet is 6,000 years old to run its Education Committee


Human Rights Watch Calls for Criminal Investigation of October 3 Hospital Bombing by US (Trevin)

“The attack on the MSF hospital in Kunduz involved possible war crimes” the organization stated in a letter to Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter. “The ongoing US inquiry will not be credible unless it considers criminal liability and is protected from improper command influence.”


More Climate Change, More Profit (Dan)

London nonprofit ‘Carbon Disclosure Project’ has compiled a trove of documents illustrating the profits – and profiteers – of climate change.


‘One Share, One Vote’: The Rise of Worker-Owned Co-ops. (Dan):

Brian Van Slyke of co-operative TESA (The Toolbox for Education and Social Action) speaks with Melissa Hoover and Esteban Kelly about the strides occurring in the co-operative movement. As well as the challenges still ahead.