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When the FBI announced it would use tools from a third party to hack the iPhone 5C of one the  San Bernardino shooter's, it was not all good news for Apple. The announcement signals to Apple customers that their iPhones may not be as secure as bargained for.  Photo Credit: Adapted by WhoWhatWhy from One Shot One Hit / YouTube

Apr 6

China Moves Toward Mao, Obama Sets Record for Unfulfilled FOIA Requests, First Casualty of Panama Papers, and More Picks

China Moves Toward Mao, Obama Sets Record for Unfulfilled FOIA Requests, First Casualty of Panama Papers, and More Picks

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First to Fall? Panama Papers Bring Down Iceland PM, Portending Future Fallout (Trevin)

Ten percent of the country’s population protested the millions held by his wife’s offshore shell company, leading to his resignation on Tuesday. 

China’s Frightening Slide Toward Mao-Style Authoritarianism (Gerry)

Communist Party General Secretary Xi Jinping’s popular anti-corruption drive has morphed into a full-bore purge of political rivals and anyone perceived as an enemy of the Party – including outspoken media figures, crusading NGOs and Christian congregations.

Medical Experts Call for Legalization of All Drugs (Klaus)

Saying that the anti-drug policies currently in place have failed and led to an increase in crime and injustice, a group of leading medical experts has called for the legalization of all drugs.

Obama Sets Record for Unfulfilled FOIA Requests (Trevin)

Over one in six Freedom of Information Act requests end in “empty-handed” searches, and censored files are delivered 77 percent of the time (up from 65 percent in 2009).

Why There Are No Americans in the Panama Papers – Yet (Dan)

Perhaps Panama is too foreign for American investors who are used to English-speaking islands like the Caymans, Bermuda, or Singapore. Then again, there are many documents yet to be released.

Donald Trump May Build a Wall Around This Mexican (Milicent)

Heard too many Donald Trump speeches? Go here for the antidote! Listen to Mexican comedian Chumel Torres, who says things like this: “Immigration is the only thing that drives Donald Trump crazy apart from yellow number 5 hair color.”


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