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First Casualty of NY Primary Fiasco (Reader Jared)

Chief Clerk of Elections in Brooklyn will be removed, or ‘forced out’, due to missing a step in the voter purging process. The result was the disqualification of 8% of Brooklyn voters.


History as Written by the CIA (Dan)

Fascinating story of ‘mole hunter’ James Angleton and how the Central Intelligence Agency manipulates our perception of history.


The Rising Phenomenon of “Religion: None” (Reader Tigoni)

The population of atheists, agnostics, humanists and other “nones” is rising faster than ever, according to recent surveys.  They are the second largest religious group in North America and in most of Europe.  In the US, they make up almost a quarter of the population.


Billionaires Begin Dropping Out of the Election Buying Business (Dan)

Frustrated that their voices are not being heard with more sway, donating billionaires are dropping out, focusing on congressional races, or waiting until an eventual nominee.


House Panel Votes to Make Women Register for the Draft (Trevin)

Also included in the language is the requirement of a Selective Service System full review. In 2012, a Government Accountability Office report asked if the system could supply a list of draftees to the DoD if required to do so.


Reframing the Student Loan and Debt Problem (Dan)

Media Elites portray the student loan and debt problem in a narrow, outdated and racially-biased light. Time to change that.