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GOP Candidates Will Tear Party to Shreds Over California Prize (Russ)

This essayist presents the fascinating history of the Republican Party in California, the nation’s most populous state — and one that has fewer Republicans than ever, but still may make the difference.


‘Panic and Fear’ Gripping Oil and Gas Sectors as Default Rate Grows (Jeff)

Investors face tens of billions of dollars in energy defaults as the worst oil crash in decades leaves drillers struggling to stay afloat.


EPA’s Enforcement Staff Has Been Gutted (Klaus)

Despite a congressional mandate that requires the EPA to have at least 200 special agents, the agency merely has 159 enforcement officers. The math is simple. Fewer special agents means fewer investigations and that means less protection for the environment.

Summary of Stories About Ted Cruz (Russ)

Here’s a sort of Wikipedia-type collection of reports about the GOP contender, with links to the original articles.


Trump: Media Favors Clinton Over Sanders (Trevin)

“I tell you, it’s unfair even from the Democrats’ side. Every time I turn on the television, Bernie wins, Bernie wins — for weeks — Bernie wins, Bernie wins, Bernie wins. And then I watch the commentators and they say, ‘Bernie can’t win.’ How do you win every single week, every single state and you can’t win? You know why? Because it’s a corrupt system. It’s corrupt there, and it’s more corrupt on the Republican side.”

Bob Graham: WH Told Me Decision on 9/11 Report Within 2 Months (Jeff Clyburn)

Former Florida Sen. Bob Graham claims a White House senior policy adviser told him the declassification review of the documents withheld from a 9/11 report issued by a Joint Congressional Commission in 2003 will soon be completed.

Campy, Unintentionally Funny, Infomercial About Old Commercials (Milicent)

Watch this smoooooth talking ad man from the 1950s as he oozes with praise for TV commercials and print ads that inform you about the various miraculous products you can’t live without.