Editors’ Picks for Jan 15

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Juvenile Cardiac Patients Threatened By Florida GOP Donations (Russ)

Money came from for-profit healthcare company to governor who himself founded a for-profit healthcare company.


Water Deemed Dangerous in Wells Considered ‘Safe’ in Public Water Systems (Russ)

Legislators in North Carolina are looking into this contradiction. If it’s too dangerous for private individuals to drink, why is it OK for the public at large?


The 1952 GOP Brokered Convention Revisited (Klaus)

In 1952, the race for the Republican presidential nomination was deadlocked going into the convention in Chicago. With this year’s crowded field, it could happen again. Here is a first-hand account of what it was like back then.


Falling Oil Prices Fuels Global Financial Turmoil  (Ben)

This article explains why oil prices matter.


Portuguese Court Rules to Extradite Ex-CIA Agent to Italy (Trevin)

Sabrina De Sousa, arrested at Lisbon Airport in October, has been “convicted of kidnapping an Egyptian cleric as part of an extraordinary renditions program,” and ordered to serve her six-year sentence in Italy.


Steven Seagal Gains Serbian Citizenship.  (Ben)

The Hollywood actor, friend of Putin, would not rule out seeking Russian citizenship.