Obama’s Iran Gambit, Greece’s Privatization & Pluto’s Picture‏: July 14, 2015


Tsarnaev Faces More Charges: In Case He Gets Off?
By James Henry
Middlesex County District Attorney Marian T. Ryan wants Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to stand trial for the murder of MIT cop Sean Collier and the shootout in Watertown, Massachusetts. According to experts, individuals charged with federal capital crimes are almost never subsequently charged with local crimes. Does DA Ryan think the federal charges might not stick upon appeal?


America’s Secret Banjo Diplomacy With Iran
The deal has been finalized. Netanyahu is angry and tweeting in Farsi. Conservatives think the sky is falling. The President is resolute and threatened to veto any attempt to block the deal. And Newsweek examines the larger implications of the deal, including the possibility of a grand denouement between the two long-time adversaries—a denouement that is being quietly pursued on wrestling mats, in music festivals and other cultural exchanges.

Varoufakis: Greek Deal Is “Coup”, Turns Greece Into “Vassal” State, And Deals “Decisive Blow” To European Project
Recently resigned Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis has some choice words about the deal to “save” Greece’s place in the Eurozone. Among other things, he likened the deal to a “new Versailles Treaty” and proclaimed Greece to be a “vassal state” of the Eurogroup. His key objection is to the deal’s Draconian privatization regime… which could get fairly ugly, according to Time.

Citizenfour Director Laura Poitras Sues US Over ‘Kafkaesque Harassment’
The Academy Award-winning director of the documentary about Edward Snowden is suing Uncle Sam. Ms. Poitras claims she’s been held for hours at a time by airport officials, been put on a no-fly list and threatened with handcuffs for taking notes during her encounters with the guardians of the Homeland.


NASA’s Three-Billion-Mile Journey to Pluto Reaches Historic Encounter
New Horizons made it. After 3,463 day journey, the human race has finally gotten a good look at Pluto. In fact, it’s been a big week for discoveries. The Large Hadron Collider also found a new particle and scientists have identified a massive grouping of more than 1,000 “Ultra-Dark Galaxies” (UDGs) about 321 million light-years away.


Is the Worst of Tanzania’s Elephant Crisis Over?
A new DNA study of confiscated tusks reveals that Tanzania is ground zero in the war on elephants. Tanzania’s elephant population dropped 60% over the last five years to 43,000 elephants. That’s according to a new nationwide census. But the grim results both drew praise for being honest about the crisis, but also ridicule for listing 12,000 elephants as “missing.” To get clarification, NatGeo spoke with Tanzania’s Natural Resources and Tourism Lazaro Nyalandu about the census and the future of elephants. He defended the government’s efforts and said, “We are all ashamed of the poaching crisis, even people who do not care much about wildlife.”

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