Editors’ Picks for Nov 23

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Droughts and Deforestation Leave Brazil Dry (Klaus)

After losing 16 trillion gallons of water every year for the past three years, Brazil is running out of fresh water. While that is an imminent problem for the South American nation, it could also have global consequences.


ISIS Drug Transit from Afghanistan to Europe Confirmed by Russia: Money Goes into Terror Funding and Recruiting (Trevin)

Russia’s Federal Drug Control Service claims the network provides transit to half of Europe’s heroin supply from Afghanistan.


More Mexicans Are Leaving the US than Coming in (Klaus)

While Republican presidential candidates are seeking to make unchecked immigration a major issue in the 2016 election, the numbers don’t back up their over-the-top rhetoric. In fact, the number of Mexican immigrants over the past five years has been significantly smaller than the number of Mexican nationals who have returned home.


Anti-Racist Activists Drown out Reclaim Australia Rallies (Trevin)

Progressive activists outnumbered anti-Islam demonstrators in Sydney and Melbourne on Sunday.


Activists in Georgia Demand End to US School of ‘Assassins’ (Trevin)

Organized by SOA Watch, members of Veterans for Peace and at least 50 other human rights groups and organizations congregated Sunday outside the US Military School of the Americas in Fort Benning, Georgia to demand the closure of the controversial school. Also, read WhoWhatWhy’s coverage of the School of Americas here.


Belgians Try to Help Police with Kittens (Klaus)

When the Belgian police asked residents of Brussels not to post information on the specifics of the ongoing anti-terrorism crackdown, people responded by flooding the #BrusselsLockdown hashtag with pictures of kittens to bury any information about police movement that others might have tweeted.