H.R. Haldeman and John D. Ehrlichman

Editors’ Picks for Mar 01

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Carbon Dioxide Levels Highest in 15 Million Years (Russ)

And in dead of winter, Norwegian icebreaker ship finds…no ice to break.


Clarence Thomas Asks a Question for the First Time in a Decade (Klaus)

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas finally asked a question in the Supreme Court in a possible attempt to continue recently-passed Antonin Scalia’s legacy of ‘originalism’.


Scalia Replacement Less an Issue Than Aging Court Liberals (Russ)

The math shows that a Republican victory in 2016 could turn court hard conservative for decades.


US Judge Blocks Indiana Effort to Keep Out Syrian Refugees (Trevin)

A federal judge ruled that Indiana cannot prevent resettlement of Syrian refugees. Governor Mike Pence’s order was ruled “clearly discriminatory.”


Trump and Security Guards in Fine Form (Russ)

Throwing out protesters, throwing photographer to ground, insulting folks…”It is fun and exciting”.


Gerald Ford White House Removed Section on CIA Assassination Plots From 1975 Rockefeller Commission Report (Trevin)

The editing of the report was spearheaded by White House aide, Dick Cheney


Argentina and Hedge Funds Finally Reach a Deal over Country’s Debt (Dan)

Until yesterday, four hedge funds had been waging a decade-plus ‘financial war’ against  the bankrupt Argentina. Also known as ‘holdouts’, the hedge funds did everything in their power to prevent the country from paying back other lenders and thus keeping the economy in default. This includes forcing authorities in Ghana to seize an Argentine ship as “collateral” and impounding various other government assets. Despite finally coming to an end, the settlement will be ‘very profitable’ to the holdouts, with each hedge fund to receive 75% of the full judgement. Quite the precedent.